TAG WARS:Episode7.9.2011


Episode7.9.2011: The 7th of Gabb’s Birthdays

When Topper and Reg told us that the venue for their son, Gabb’s 7th birthday party was Laser Extreme at Market Market, we were stunned. Our reaction was, “Woah Man! Laser Extreme!” What a perfect way to celebrate a 7th birthday party and since Gabb is a STAR WARS fan, TAG WARS was a fitting theme.

Leave it to Topper and Reg to come up with a creative way to spend their son’s birthday. Gabb also took after them. Gabb is super bibo and it shows in his Photos! Check out Gabb’s and his guests’ fun poses at CUHAON PHOTO GALLERY (click the link)

Till the next episode—May the FOTOS be with you!

- Cuhaon PhotoboothMaking memories more memorable


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